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The Trademark LYDIA was founded in 1972. Its founder, Lydia Mayne, devoted to teach Handicrafts Instructors in the techniques of Breadcrumb and Cold Ceramics, and Cold Porcelain later. The working manner is the same, only the masses are different. Because of the demand in the market for products used by teachers, was established the Trademark LYDIA, dedicated first to produce the materials and tools related to works with Cold Porcelain. In 1983 we began to edit the magazine "Miga de Pan, Porcelana y Cerámica en Frío" (Breadcrumb, Porcelain and Cold Ceramics), then the magazine "Así se Hace la Porcelana en Frío” (That's how to make Cold Porcelain), with 21 issues published till now.

Later, by market demand, we initiated the production of marmolina (based on marble powder) and alabastrina (alabaster powder) figures, without decoration. Our efforts culminated launching our top product: the Synthetic Watercolor. Highly versatile: we can paint not only figures, but also glass, wood, polyurethane, fabric flowers (bringing them very special shades and used by manufacturers), tin, etc.

Afterwards we set out another exciting aim, with another of our top products manufacturing for high-temperature ceramic and porcelain enamels, having the largest variety of products and colors available in the market both domestically and internationally. Once decorated, pieces of pottery or porcelain are baked from 900 º C to 1100 ° C the pottery ones and 1250 º in case of porcelain. Being manufacturers as we are, we shall not forsake the market at any time with the disruption of any of them, which often happens with imports from abroad. In order to complement the support for the application of ceramics, we manufacture puzzles that will be decorated with glazes and textured finishes, enhancing this finishings with an under-cover water down or with enamels; drawn plaques printed on the ceramic and fired at 1100 º C for a subsequent decoration with enamels or under-covers, and raw ceramic plaques with drawings yet engraved, for embossing and for being decorated once fired.

The manufacture of Cold Porcelain must be added to all we mentioned above, both Natural and Porcelained, and a variety of masses such as the Rustic Paste, Quartz Base and Rustic Texture to apply for works previously covered with Paper Paste (house facades, windmills, lighthouses, made over old tiles as base) coated with the mentioned pastes without flaking and shrinkage problems. They have plenty of applications, such as background pictures made on tablex or papier mache, decorated with porcelain flowers in cold, letting be watered down or allowing to cast shadows with Synthetic Watercolor reduced with Colorless, before putting the flowers.

At the moment we have launched new products such as high quality Glass Painting Color, high concentration of pigments and a variety of colors, the Cristal Perla medium that can serve as a base, obtaining a wide range of colors adding a few drops of Crystal Color choosing the desired color, the Crystal Effect with three variants of effects and uses, the Ceramic Crystal and Ceramic Rainbow that can be colored, once dry, with Synthetic Watercolor, the Nacarine, the high quality and concentration Gesso, being enough for a single application that covers either the support, and an endless array of products. We also manufacture the Cold Porcelain, and other varieties of paste and masses, and we provide materials for developing, your own, some of them.

We'll continue watching the market needings, in order to follow with our leadership as first brand.

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